Process 614 is an artist-run film lab located in Blockfort Studios in Columbus, OH. Adam Elkins is the sole owner, photographer, and technician. He is a self taught photographer from Columbus, Ohio. Known for his work showcasing symmetry, gritty texture, and stunning reflections, Elkins' real claim to fame is capturing the beauty of decay in his series 'Abandonment' featuring long forgotten structures seemingly frozen in time.

Whether shooting digitally or with a rare vintage camera using expired film, his exploration of shape, tone, and light seem organic yet intentional, creating a calm in the chaos of nature and industrial architecture. Elkins' raw portraits of friends, clients, and the disenchanted connect his subjects to their surroundings in a way that feels both cinematic and stereoscopic.

In addition to collaborating with editorial and commercial advertising clients, Elkins' work has been featured in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Fader and on MTV.com. The Huffington Post has named Elkins as one of 'the best urban exploration photographers on Instagram,' and the Columbus Museum of Art purchased one of his photographs to archive as a permanent part of their collection. In addition to photography, Elkins has made a name for himself through curation, consulting, and branding to build client social media presence. Elkins' cerebral photographic process has drawn in the attention of noted photographers, film makers, and visual artists across the globe.